Now Chirping

Is an ease-to-use tool for Songbird, that allows the world to see what you're listening to right now, through FTP, HTTP and local saves!


Easy to use
Now Chirping has an easy interface that is easily extensible

Strong framework
Now Chirping provides an strong Javascript OO-based framework

Now Chirping is coded in simple prototype objects, which can easily be extended

Now Chirping is available in different languages. If yours aren't listed, and you would like to translate Now Chirping to your language, please contact us

  • Catalan - ca-AD
  • Danish - da-DK
  • English - en-US
  • French - fr-FR
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) - pt-BR
  • Spanish (Spain) - es-ES
  • Turkish - tr-TR
  • Ukrainian - uk-UA